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Coronavirus Impact on World Economy Deepens

The coronavirus outbreak is having a deep impact on global economies. Stock markets across the world are suffering their worst week since the financial crisis of 2008 due to effects of investment fears related to coronavirus. Simultaneously, many industries are suffering as a result of the outbreak of the highly contagious virus. There are a […]

Best Interview Tips for Interviewers and Interviewees

Hunter Gibson recently shared their best interview tips for both interviewers and interviewees. Our Insight column featured in our sister firm’s Alexander Charles Associates new quarterly magazine You’re Hired! The magazine covers all aspects of finance careers and is designed as a platform for both clients and candidates to share views and best practices. You can see our […]

Trust: how to generate the most valuable currency in business

Trust is the most valuable currency in business and once lost can be impossible to regain, reveals this article from Forbes. Research demonstrates that when business leaders practice a commitment to ethical business, they inspire a positive view of the organisation among employees. They also instil confidence in the organisation’s leadership and staff. What can leaders […]

Record Employment in an Increasingly Competitive Job Market

The UK has record high employment the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show. This includes a record number of women in full-time work and the lowest ever unemployment rate for Wales. The latest figures are estimates for the last quarter: October to December 2019. Increasingly Competitive Job Market The UK employment rate […]

Top Ten Best Tips to Recession-Proof Your Career

As recently reported, a recession is potentially looming large on the horizon. Recessions are periods of economic instability and firms can go bust, or cut staff to shore up their finances. Fewer jobs are available in a recession, which increases competition. Now is the time to take steps to recession-proof your career. How can you ensure […]

Leadership lessons from Google: What makes a great manager and how to get useful employee feedback

As one of the big four global tech companies, Google is at the forefront of its industry. Google now employs over 100k people, which provides an opportunity to gather large data on leadership and development. Google’s research initiative known as Project Oxygen was started in 2008, but its evolution continues to provide valuable insights. Here […]